Firm Architecture and Design

This Brooklyn office works at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, and art ... and really likes tautology of its name.

About Us

Our mission and goals

We strive to create architecture that is simple, beautiful, and economical of both means and gestures. We believe that architecture should be integral with its place and that the best buildings allow people to fully experience the light and nature of that place.  Our chief pursuit is a timeless expression of architecture that is appropriate to its users and their purpose, that blends progressive technology with elemental form.


Our mission is as simple today as it was thirty plus years ago: Bringing great people and great organizations together. This drive to connect people and make them successful is what we mean when we say — our people are everything.


Since our founding, Aerotek has grown to become one of the top global recruiting and staffing agencies. Check out our company timeline, starting with our humble Baltimore roots in 1983 when our founders.


years of market experience

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Memorable learning experience

C24 Gallery in New York

The first lesson I learned from Farshid Moussavi—formerly of FOA and founder of Farshid Moussavi Architecture—was "in architecture, one must be opportunistic." This has inspired me to seek out interesting collaborators and non-standard design projects.

Firm Architecture and Design

Firm works at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, and art.

Thinking about the experience of visitors and exhibitors, the design organizes the fair into streets, blocks, and public spaces. Because it needs to be built fast—in around 72 hours—it's been a chance to experiment with inflatable structures and geodesic domes.

Firm refers to the Vitruvian trilogy of commodity, firmness, and delight. In contemporary practice, commodity is dictated by the client and their brief; delight is experienced by the end user after design and construction.

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309 North Adams Street
Richmond, Virginia 23240 
(804) 308-5558

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